Pisa, Italy

Field of Miracles -- The 12th-century cathedral complex at Pisa known as Campo dei Miracoli includes the baptistery, cathedral, campanile and cemetery, built over the course of 300 years and harmoniously complementing one another in their ivory Romanesque splendor.  The uncanny skill, diligence and audacity of the medieval builders allowed their white-marbled marvels to stand on soft, sea-soaked earth, as attested by the leaning bell tower.  Its construction was halted in 1173 when the ground began to sink, but 112 years later they went at it again, and finished it in 1350.  Today, engineers strive to stave the tower off its inevitable path towards horizontality while keeping it miraculously askew. Until the foundation can be finally stabilized, those who wish to replicate Galileo's famous gravity experiment atop its 295 steps will have to wait.

This photo was taken with the Canon Pro70 digital camera.

Northern Italy 2000

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